Multiliteracy Dig in Central Alabama

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Multiliteracy in the Diverse Classroom

I am a student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I am a senior in Early Childhood/Elementary Education. I hope to incorporate multiliteracy into my future classroom. I am doing this website in fullfillment of a class assignment (EDR440) and for my future students. This website is a multiliteracy dig with pictures and books found in Central Alabama. I hope that I can enlighten people, as a whole, about multiliteracy in a diverse classroom.

How it Breaks Down:

According to Taylor & Dorsey-Gaines (1988), there are six types and uses of reading:

Pages 123-154

Instrumental Reading- reading to gain information for needs and scheduling daily life (labels, telephone dials, price tags, checks, notes, school messages, directions...)

School-Interactional Reading- reading to gain information dealing with social relationships and maintaining those relationships (greeting cards, letters from family/friends, church newsletters, letters from friends, newspaper features...)

News-related Reading- reading to gain information about local, state, and national events (newspaper, news magazines, local news items, flyers from the community...)

Recreational Reading- reading for pleasure, leisure, or fun or in planning recreational events (comics, sports section, newspapers, magazines, cartoons...)

Conformational Reading- reading to check or confirm facts or beliefs and to gain support for attitudes or beliefs already held (wills, income taxes, Bible, bills, financial records, birth certificates...)

Critical/Educational Reading- reading to increase one's abilities, to maintain or build a career, for temporary entertainment or planning a recreational event (popular novels, nonfiction books, journal articles, textbooks/papers, brochures, ...)






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Ashley Davis

UAB Student and Future Teacher